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  • Commencement of Infill Drilling at Kvemo Bolnisi 0000-00-00
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  • Commencement of Drilling at Tsitel Sopeli 0000-00-00
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  • Q4 2015/ FY 2015 Production Update Gedabek 0000-00-00
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  • Initial Drill Results at Kvemo Bolnisi, Georgia 0000-00-00
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  • Completion of Drilling at Kvemo Bolnisi 0000-00-00
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  • Q1 2016 operations and production update, Gedabek 0000-00-00
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Madneuli Information

  • Mining 2016-08-09
    Mining is carried out using drilling and blasting techniques. The company operates a fleet of Tamrock (now Sandvik) and Ingersoll Rand, crawler-mounted blasthole drill rigs. Rock is loaded by excavators, and both ore and overburden is transported for milling and processing by a fleet of 42t BELAZ haul trucks.
  • Processing 2016-08-09
    Prior to concentration, run of the mine ore is delivered to the crushing facility where it is broken into particles 0-25mm in diameter in three crushing stages, before being reduced to fine particles less than 74 microns in eight ball mills. Crushed ore is delivered to the processing plant by a belt conveyor where it is subjected to flotation. The obtained copper concentrate is then delivered for concentration and filtration, and the flotation tailings are pumped via a 3km-long pipeline to the tailings dump for storage.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure 2016-08-09
    Madneuli has a long-term contract in place with Georgian Railways for the transportation of copper concentrate. Once the copper concentrate has been dried to a humidity of 8-10%, it is packed into 2t bags and loaded into railway cars for transport to the Black Sea port of Poti.
  • Ownership 2016-08-09
    In June 2014, RMG purchased the operations (known as JSC RMG Copper) from GeoPro Mining for $120m.
  • Processing 2016-08-09
    The Madneuli complex includes an open-pit mine, crushing facility and a processing plant that uses flotation to recover the ore. The plant has a designed throughput capacity of 2.5Mt/y of copper sulphide.
  • Geology 2016-08-09
    The Madneuli formation is part of the Artvin-Bolnisi mineralisation zone, a large gold-base metal deposit that spans the Bolnisi mining district and extends from southern Georgia and northern Armenia into northern Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Other formations of interest include: Tsiteli, Spolei and Sakdrisi. The region is part of the Alpine-Tethian Belt and its main geology and mineralisation is thought to be a product of the subduction of the Afro-Arabian plate beneath the Euro-Asian plate, which resulted in the closure of the Tethys Ocean and the subsequent uplift of the region. Mineralisation within the tectonic corridor is widespread, and mainly comprises Kuroko-style Cu-Pl-Zn-Ag-Ba-Au deposits, porphyry Cu-Au deposits and stockwork vein Au deposits.
  • Exploration 2016-08-09
    The Madneuli mine has ore of variable grades. Exploration work began at Madneuli in the mid-1940s, and results from a drilling programme conducted by the USSR in the 1950s formed the basis for the development of a mine.
  • Project Development 2016-08-09
    Construction at Madneuli commenced in 1968 and the mine became operational in 1975, extracting copper, barite and gold-silver bearing ore. The open-pit mine ramped up to full capacity in 1978 and has operated continuously since. The plant originally processed gold-barite ores, but expanded in 1986 to include processing of gold-copper ores.
  • General 2015-05-10
    GeoPro Mining acquired the assets in 2005 during part of the Georgian privatisation programme. Copper gold-bearing ore is processed using a flotation process at the on-site beneficiation plant.

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