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  • Environmental 2015-06-08
    Store Norske har been carrying out a thorough impact study of the potential consequences of the mining initiative for the natural environment and the communities on Svalbard. The application for the project and the environmental impact analysis was delivered to the Governor of Svalbard on 17 September 2010.
  • Equipment and Infrastructure 2015-06-08
    To access the deposits at Lunckefjell, a tunnel will be driven from the existing gallery system in Svea Nord and out of the mountain at the Marthabreen glacier. From there, a two-kilometre road will be laid over the glacier to the mine entrance in Lunckefjell. The coal will be transported by truck over the glacier and through the Svea Nord mine on the existing conveyor belt system. The entire Svea infrastructure will be used in the same way as in the current mining operations.
  • General 2015-06-08
    The Lunckefjell mountain lies northeast of the Svea Nord mine and contains an estimated 8.4 million tonnes of saleable coal. Lunckefjell is scheduled for production start in September/October 2013. The main produsction will start in 2015, when the Svea Nord core becomes depleted under the current production plans.

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