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  • Botswana Diamonds on brink of drilling with Alrosa joint venture 2016-09-09
    Core holes will be drilled on three licences, two on the known kimberlite AK22 in Orapa, two on licence PL 085 also in Orapa and four on licence PL 135 in Gope,
  • Botswana Diamonds JV to begin exploration in Orapa and Gope 2016-09-09
    JSE-listed Botswana Diamonds’ JV with Russian diamond producer Alrosa will begin exploration in the Orapa and Gope areas of Botswana at the end of September.   “The Alrosa/Botswana Diamonds JV will begin an intensive 12-week exploration programme on our ground in Botswana. Core holes will be drilled on three licences, two on the known kimberlite AK22 in Orapa, two on licence PL 085 also in Orapa and four on licence PL 135 in Gope. Earlier work has pinpointed sites we believe may contain new diamondiferous kimberlites,” says chairperson John Teeling. An intensive programme of geophysics and soil sampling will be carried out on the four other licences held in Gope and an Alrosa team of seven specialists will be joined by geologists and support crew from Botswana Diamonds.   The JV is still waiting on final results from the analysis of the 80 t of material recovered from the two large-diameter drillholes on kimberlite AK21 on licence PL 260 in Orapa. 
  • Alrosa recovers 136.24 ct diamond in Russia 2016-08-15
    Russian mining major Alrosa has recovered a formidable 136.24 ct diamond from the Nyurbinskaya kimberlyte pipe, the company revealed on Monday. The gem-quality rough diamond, which was classified as a 3 Black Makeable 1 Сolour, measured 29.32 х 23.88 х 21.9 mm and was one of the largest stones recovered in the Nyurbinskaya pipe’s history, Alrosa advised.
  • Alrosa finds 241.21 ct whopper 2016-06-16
    The world’s largest diamond producer by volume, Russia’s Alrosa has recovered a 241.21 ct rough diamond from the Nyurbinskaya pipe. It is one of the largest rough diamonds recovered in the Russian Federation and the third largest among those found at the Nyurba mining and processing division, the company advised Thursday.
  • Putin approves part disposal of Alrosa stake 2016-05-13
    Russia's ownership heading down towards 33%
  • Botswana Diamonds, Alrosa to start $700 000 exploration programme 2016-03-02
    Aim-listed Botswana Diamonds and its joint venture partner Alrosa will start a $700 000 exploration programme in Botswana, this month. Managed by Alrosa, the programme would see the drilling of one of its core holes to 300 m, along with one or two large diameter holes, each 300 m deep, on the AK21 kimberlite pipe on its PL 260 licence.
  • Botswana Diamonds to intensify Orapa exploration 2015-03-05
    Aim-listed Botswana Diamonds, through its 50:50 joint venture with Russian diamond miner Alrosa, would spend $1-million this year on the exploration of its licence at Orapa, Botswana. The JV partners were aiming to discover major new kimberlites during the year.
  • Kalahari Desert Drilling Starts 0000-00-00
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  • Botswana Exploration Programme for 2016 0000-00-00
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  • Exploration Update for Alrosa Joint Venture 0000-00-00
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  • Company 2015-05-10
    ALROSA is the leader of the Russian diamond mining industry, a state-controlled diamond mining company that sees as its primary mission comprehensive solution of top-priority national objectives in the area of natural resource development.

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