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Who uses Mining Atlas?


Data is the basis of all effective analysis and consultants use our data to provide a wide range of reports to their clients. Mining Atlas also offers bespoke research to consultants when a particular dataset is required that is not currently tracked by our researchers.

Industry Suppliers

For effective sales and marketing strategies to be developed for the Mining Industry, suppliers need information to help focus their efforts on the most attractive projects, while also increasing their understanding of current and potential clients in the industry.


More than providing the data for financial evaluations of operations and projects, Mining Atlas provides investors with the context and bigger picture needed to identify risks and opportunities to investment in the mining industry.

Mining and Exploration Companies

The landscape of the mining industry is ever-changing and companies in the industry need to understand these changes to take advantage of opportunities for acquisition or divestment, for growth and for re-focusing on core assets.

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Mining Industry Data

Search and Download the Data you need from our Online Portal

Companies Data

Coverage of over 3200 companies active in the mining industry, including ownership and basic company information.

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Mines and Projects Data

Comprehensive data on over 13,000 Mines and Projects, including status, production, operation type, capex, resources/reserves, life-of-mine, among others.

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Search and Download

Using simple filters, select the range of mines and projects relevant to your business and download the data to Excel or PDF.

Download Example Excel Report - Gold Activity in Turkey

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Buy Data with Credits

One-off purchases allow you to buy the data that you need without any subscription or contract

  • £ 25 package
    30 Credits
  • £ 50 package
    70 Credits
  • £ 100 package
    180 Credits
  • £ 200 package
    400 Credits
  • £ 500 package
    1000 Credits

Please login at and purchase credits from your dashboard.

Annual Subscriptions

Subscribe for a monthly credit allocation and save

Basic Level

Credits Per Month: 25
Max markers on map: 20

Intermediate Level

Credits Per Month: 200
Max markers on map: 50

Advanced Level

Credits Per Month: 400
Max markers on map: 200

Please login at and purchase subscriptions from your dashboard.

Global Satellite Mapping

Pinpoint location accuracy for all operations and projects

Detailed Satellite Maps

Develop and unrivalled understanding of mines and projects and their geographical context.

Example: Kansanshi Copper-Gold Mine

Click on the squares to get a close-up view

Mining Method

This view shows the mining method and equipment used for this open-pit operation.

Please go to Kansanshi Copper-Gold Mine to view this operation in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Mining Atlas?

Mining Atlas is used by a range of professionals in the mining industry who require information to make business decisions.

  • Investment professionals use the data sources to identify and assist with evaluation of mining assets
  • Suppliers use the location and operational information to find new customers
  • Consultants use the data to provide analyses on the industry for their clients
  • Exploration Companies use the portal to demonstrate their projects
  • Mining Companies use the data to understand their competitors and find acquisition targets

How does Mining Atlas work?

Mining Atlas has an extensive database of mines, projects and companies that it provides access to through its online portal. Access to basic locations and information is free while access to data and certain functions requires credits.

The map is provided by Google through its Google Maps API, upon which Mining Atlas adds mining related locations. The availability and accuracy of the map and images are not guaranteed and are dependent on Google for updates.

What do I get if I register for free?

Registration gives you basic access to Mining Atlas and 20 free credits (worth £ 18). For users who will only need a small amount of data, this will suffice.

For users who are actively using data, more credits can be purchased as needed or one could opt to purchase an annual subscription.

What do credits give me?

One credit allows either:

  • the viewing of 1 data set online
  • the downloading of 1 data set to excel or PDF

1 data set is all the available data for a single operation, project or company. The available data will of course vary from project to project, operation to operation.

How do I get more credits?

Credits can be purchased once off or as a monthly allocation when purchasing a subscription.

Please login to Mining Atlas, go to your dashboard and select your credit or subscription option from there. Payment can be made online or via EFT

What data can I expect to find?

Our database covers the following aspects:

  • Ownership: Who owns the operation or project
  • Regions: Global (all continents and countries covered)
  • Categories: Operations and Projects
  • Types: Mines, Concentrators, Refineries, Smelters, Terminals
  • SubTypes: Open-pit, Underground, Tailings, Placer, In-Situ Leach, among others
  • Status: Conceptual / Early Exploration, Pre-Feasibility, Feasibility, Bankable, Construction, In Operation, Suspended, Closed, Restart
  • Mineral Commodity: All precious metals (e.g. gold, silver etc), base metals (e.g. copper, zinc etc), platinum group metals, ferrous metals, coal, potash, mineral sands, rare-earth elements, uranium, diamonds and many more
  • Production: Run-of-Mine and annual production
  • Geology: Reserves and Resources
  • Financial: Capex, Opex, Life-of-Mine
  • Other: start date, closure date

We also cover information on companies:

  • Overview: A brief overview of the company's activities
  • Contact Information: Address, email and telephone
  • Website: Official company website
  • Stock Information: The stock exchange and company ticker
  • Assets: A list of the company's operations and projects

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide GPS coordinates for operations and projects, except by special request. Please use the contact form below for your request.

How accurate is the data?

Our research team is constantly updating our database. We utilize company websites, conference presentations, technical reports and news sources to provide data where it is available. The frequency with which we update items depends on their category, for example, projects in feasibility phase are updated more often than those still in early exploration.

Our main advantage versus competitors is our accurate location information. This enables us to use satellite images to confirm the data as well as avoid duplication, since it is not possible to have two mines or projects at exactly the same location.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not guarantee the accuracy of our data nor provide any confirmation that it is fit for purpose. Please see our Terms of Use statement for details.

How often are the satellite images updated?

The satellite images are provided by Google through the Google Maps API. The service provides images based on availability, which is in general an ad-hoc process.

Certain regions may have their satellite images updated as often as every 3 to 6 months, some every 2 years and some never. The result is that the accuracy of satellite images will vary from region to region.

I see that Mining Atlas is continuing to develop. Can I request a feature that will be useful for me?

We are constantly improving the Mining Atlas service with a view to be the best resource for Mining industry data. If you have any suggestions on features that you require for your business, please use the contact form below and send us a message.

Furthermore, if you have any feedback whatsoever, please feel to send us a message below.

If you have any further questions or feedback, please feel to send us a message below.

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